What move us is


The United Nations Democracy Fund – UNDEF supports civil society projects that promote Human Rights and encourage the participation of various social groups. With the support of UNDEF, 3D will reach young leaders from around the country to promote a democratic culture through discussion and dialogue, and thus increase the levels of participation of the Salvadoran youth.

Debate Dialogue Democracy -3D-, developed during the last two years, opens up new and creative spaces of dialogue, subsequently building a new action model to decrease current levels of social and political confrontation. This innovative model could also prove to be useful within other post conflict, authoritarian, and/or dictatorial societies, or even for countries experiencing democratic transitions. 

How we work


Our main objective is to build and consolidate democratic habits by providing concrete spaces of participation, including debate and dialogue as the main tools for conflict resolution, as well as increasing levels of youth participation in public affairs, both nationally and locally. For its part, the goal of 3D-UNDEF is to increase the levels of civic engagement and political participation of the Salvadoran youth through innovative spaces for debate and dialogue, which in turn help reduce current levels of social and political polarization.